Phase-Locked Crystal Oscillator (Model: PLOX)


  • Output frequencies from 10 MHz to 1400 MHz

  • Very low phase noise

  • Spurious -80 dBc

  • Harmonics (typ.) -30 dBc

  • Internal (0.5PPM) or external reference frequency

  • Low power +5.5V operation

  • Small size (2.25" x 2.25" x 0.62")

  • Low cost




Our model PLOX is a line of very low phase noise, phase-locked crystal oscillators.  These units have been designed for a wide variety of demanding applications in communications, radar and instrumentation systems. Fundamental units are supplied for operation below 150 MHz. Above 150 MHz units are multiplied to the desired frequency from a lower frequency. Multiplied low noise crystal oscillators offer the lowest (close-in) phase noise frequency sources available.

These units can be phase-locked to an input reference frequency or the unit can be configured with an internal TCXO.  These units offer many options and can easily be customized to a specific requirement.

These units are available with an internal reference TCXO or OCXO and have the feature that when the input reference is removed, the internal reference is automatically switched in as the reference to the phase-locked loop.

These PLXO's are rugged and economical solution for many demanding communication and instrumentation applications.

Block Diagram



PLXO with Multiplier







PLXO Key Specifications

Output Frequency: up to 150 MHz
& with multiplier: up to 1400 MHz
Spurious (typ.): -80 dBc
Harmonics (typ.): -30 dBc
Output Power (min.): +13 dBm
Input Reference Freq.: 5 MHz, 10 MHz or Custom
or Internal Reference: 0.5 PPM (0C to +60C)
Alarm (LD): Open Collector or TTL
Power Requirements:
with multiplier:
+5.5 Vdc 0.5V @ 200 mA
+5.5 Vdc 0.5V @ 350 mA
Size: 2.25" x 2.25" x 0.62"


Sample Product Data Sheets

    100 MHz PLXO - 10 MHz external reference

       Model: PLOX100-10

    950 MHz PLXO - 10 MHz external reference

       Model: PLOX950-10

    Custom switchable crystal oscillators

       Model: FSC-034-1

Phase Noise Plot