Phase-Locked Dielectric Resonator Oscillator

Model PLDRO:


  • Output frequencies from 8 to 32 GHz

  • Reference input - external 50-120 MHz, internal TCXO or OCXO

  • +5.0 Vdc operation, low power design

  • Load and drive insensitive

  • Dual loop 10 MHz reference input option available

  • Low Cost



FOUT ≤ 15 GHz                              FOUT Up to 32 GHz


This new PLDRO design incorporates many highly desirable features in a rugged low cost unit.  This unit can be configured to operate with a reference frequency from one of the following sources: (1) external input frequency in the 50 - 120 MHz range (2) internal VCXO, TCXO or OCXO (3) or a dual loop loop model that allows 10 MHz operation.  Another unique feature of this unit is its +5VDC operation (with low power consumption).  This highly reliable unit is thoroughly burned in and tested.

Block Diagram

PLDRO Key Specifications

Output Frequency: 8 - 32 GHz
Spurious: -70 dBc
Harmonics (typ.): -30 dBc
Output Power (min.): +13 dBm
Output Power Variation: 3 dB
External Reference: 50 - 120 MHz

Or Internal Reference:



10 PPM (option A)

1 PPM (option B)

0.1 PPM (option C)

Alarm: Open Collector or TTL

Power Requirements:

+5.5 Vdc 0.5 Vdc @ 400mA

Temperature Range: -10 to +70C

Sample Product Data Sheets

    10 GHz PLDRO - 100 MHz ext. reference input

      Model: PLDRO-10000-100

    25 GHz PLDRO - 10 MHz ext. reference input

      Model: PLDRO-25000-10

Phase Noise Plot